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About Us - Honey Monkey Pineapple

So, look. We know what you’re thinking... Honey Monkey what? Let’s make it easy. We’re the only place where you’ll find the most reliable and straight-up honest reviews of the best online casino sites, games and even offers to help get you started.

We play the games we review and love the games we love. We’re different from the other guys because we call things like they are and won’t ever promote a game we don’t think is great, or a game we think is there to game you. Not ever.

As for the name… it’s a party right? You probably know what the “honey” is – everybody likes the winnings. We took “monkey” because it refers to a 10 or face card. We took “pineapple” because it refers to a game like Hold ‘em, which we love. And we put all three together because, you know, it’s fun – and even more fun to say. So take a look around the site, check out some sweet offers and the latest online games, including the best of the bunch – you can tell because they show that “Honey Monkey Pineapple Approved” seal.

Honey Monkey Pineapple Approved

Take a look below to learn more about us and our reviews.

Honey Monkey Pineapple Reviews Explained

The Honey

The Good Stuff

The sweet stuff, basically everything we like about a game or site… some might call them the pros.

The Monkey

The Not-so Good Stuff

The sweet stuff, basically everything we like about a game or site… some might call them the pros.

The Pineapple

The Offering At-A-Glance

A slice and dice review of every detail a player should or needs to know before they start playing… from available games, to customer support, app design and more.


At Honey Monkey Pineapple we give players all the information they need, from quick takes to full reviews, so they can find the brands, games and offers that are right for them. We get into the details, but always in an easy-to-read way so players can have all the facts before the fun.

Our expert reviews follow editorial standards and are commercially independent. We are advocates for legal, regulated gambling operators and never promote illicit or illegal operators.

Meet The Team

Here at HMP our expert writers are here to do the work for you and find you the best Casino Apps and offers in the market.

Following a lengthy sports journalism career primarily covering MMA Patrick Cwiklinski, hockey, and college sports for publications like theScore, The Province, and VICE Sports, Patrick transitioned into the world of content marketing. His goal was to bridge the gap between great writing and SEO success, and he’s brought that same mindset to Honey Monkey Pineapple.

Mitchell South is a strategic wordsmith breaking down each legal market in the US online casino landscape. Covering latest news, creating informative articles, and providing comprehensive how-to guides.

Whether he’s writing about it or playing it, Ryan Metivier is our resident soccer pro though his repertoire is by no means limited to a single sport. His extensive experience stems from his time at Seneca College in the Broadcast Journalism program, where he worked at XM Radio’s Home Ice Hockey Station. He has since contributed to a wide range of publications like SportsXpress, Greater Toronto Hockey League Breakout Magazine, and His articles have been published by the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and the Kitchener Rangers.

Robert Linnehan is an expert in covering regulatory developments in online gambling. Editing/writing/creating a newsletter for readers across all formats.

Why Honey Monkey Pineapple

It can be hard for both new and seasoned players to navigate the world of online casinos. It’s a jungle out there, and everybody could use a little help carving a path through all those options online. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find the best games that are best for you, your budget and your tastes. We want to help you play responsibly and be sure the games you play are reliable.

Gaming is fun for us, so we make gaming fun for everyone else. And for a lot of you, we know nerding out on the details before playing is fun. But does anyone really like dense and dry reviews about games? That’s why we’ve created a place that’s different.

When you visit Honey Monkey Pineapple you might notice we’ve got a sense of humor. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we also don’t mess around when it comes to your time or money. We take the time to play the games we write about and review them honestly, so you can know exactly what you’re getting into before you spend a penny.