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Best Online Slots: Free Spins & Apps for Real Money Slots

Online casino gaming allows players to take on a variety of casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette at home or on-the-go in a number of states including Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

But the most plentiful type of online casino game is the online slot, as US players can enjoy hundreds of high-quality real money slot games from the comfort and convenience of their Apple or Android device. Here, we look at the best US online slot apps and sites and break down what sets different online slot casinos apart.

How We Pick the Best Online Slots Apps & Sites

When we pick the best real money slot apps and sites, there are many criteria that we evaluate to make such decisions. Every online casino offers online slot machines, which give players the opportunity to win real money. But each app and site has their own unique characteristics that can be used to pick which one you should use when playing the slots that you love.

Continue reading for a look at the factors we use to decide which online slots apps and sites are the best. You can then look at these criteria on your own when checking out each online casino that you come across to determine if that app or site is worth your time.

Return to Player (RTP) & Volatility

When it comes to playing slots online, US players absolutely must make themselves familiar with the terms Return to Player (RTP) and volatility. RTP refers to the percentage of funds wagered on a slot game that a bettor will win back over a large sample size of spins. Volatility is a product of that RTP percentage, where lower RTP slots carry higher highs and lower lows (higher volatility) than slots with higher RTP percentages (lower volatility).

Ideally, an online slots app or site will have a good mix of high volatility and low volatility slot games. In doing so, an online casino will provide an ideal mix of games for players who have an interest in playing each of these types of games. On top of that, a wide range of RTP percentages will let players target games where they are able to balance their level of comfort with the volatility levels and the potential for big jackpot wins.

Game Design & Availability

Another factor that online US slots players will want to be aware of is the level of game design quality that is up for grabs at each online casino. This is often a product of the different game developers that online casino sites are partnered with, as different developers often produce games that look and feel very unique from one another. Of course, which looks and feels bettors like is very subjective, so the more options that a casino site has the better in most cases.

Gamblers will also want to look at the overall slot game variety at each app or site that they play at. While every online casino has many classic slots to choose from, some offer more than others. Apps and sites with superior variety have a better chance of appealing to the preferences of every player and can help players discover new slot favorites that they had not thought to try before.

Casino App Design

Another often overlooked component when determining which online slot providers are best are the app designs for each online casino. There is a lot that goes into deciding which casino apps are designed the best, but the two most important components are the design with regard to user experience, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the app.

The user experience of each casino is vital to each app’s candidacy as the best online casino app. It needs to be easy to navigate between sections of each casino app, and it needs to be easy to find the games that players want to get involved with. Some apps have a search function or alphabetize their game selection to facilitate that process.

The visuals of each app can also draw players to an online casino or turn them away from that casino site. Everything from the color scheme of an app to what the fonts look like can determine whether or not an online casino is visually appealing. While this certainly does not impact the gameplay at a casino app itself, it does make a good or bad first impression that can really shape the casino experience.

Advantages of Playing Slots at Online Casinos

Some potential online slots players may want to know what the benefits are to playing online slots at all. After all, there are plenty of land-based casinos in the United States that offer brighter lights and bigger screens to play these games on. But there are some undeniable benefits to playing at the online slots apps and sites that we have recommended later on this page, and those key benefits can be found below.


The number one thing that makes online slots apps and sites worth using is the convenience that they come with compared to land-based casinos. To play at a land-based casino, bettors have to go to a physical location, paying for their transportation. That means that if bettors do win at the slots at that casino, some of their winnings are instantly eaten up by simply having to pay for gas or mass transit to get to that facility.

Bettors also have just one available payment method that they can use when they go to a land-base casino. That payment method, of course, is cash. Bettors have to physically give cash to a dealer at table games, or physically put cash into a slot machine to start playing. That means bettors have to already carry cash into a casino, or they have to use an ATM at that casino and pay the ATM fees that come with that transaction.

Those issues simply do not exist when utilizing one of our recommended online slot apps or sites. Bettors can play from wherever they are as long as they are located in a state, eliminating the need to eat into any potential winnings with travel costs. Additionally, bettors can fund their online casino accounts in a number of ways, without needing to carry cash or pay ATM transaction fees.

Bettors should think of all the other ways that online casino gaming is more convenient than land-based casino gaming based on their specific circumstances. This will shed additional light on the benefits of utilizing the apps and sites we recommend on this page as opposed to going to a land-based provider in a place like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Easy-to-Find Game Information

Another massive benefit to playing online slots instead of playing slots at a brick-and-mortar casino is the fact that game information is easily accessible on your computer or mobile device. Without having to move, bettors can find the RTP percentage, betting limits and denominations for a massive amount of online slot titles. At a land-based facility, on the other hand, players have to physically sit down at each game they want to learn more about in order to read that information.

Of course, the real draw of online casino play is the ability to play all of those online slots without having to travel and walk around a massive room to play different games. But being able to research all of the different games that you are interested in without having to do all of that traveling and moving around makes picking games to play so much easier than it would be at a brick and mortar casino.

Play From Anywhere In State

As we mentioned earlier, using an online casino means the ability to play online slots without having to go to a physical location. But the flexibility that online casino apps have granted players deserves a little more attention. At online casino apps or sites, players can take on their favorite games from anywhere in each state where that online casino is legal. That means players can take on slots from the border of those states, the middle of those states, and anywhere in-between.

Online casinos verify a player’s location using a couple of different pieces of technology. On desktop devices, locations are verified using a location verification software that players are required to download so that casinos can ensure that they are only taking bets from players located in legal states. On mobile devices, bettors will simply have their location verified using the existing location services on their device.

Bonus Availability

The biggest advantage to online casino play to many online casino players is the presence of online casino bonus codes. When you go to a land-based casino for the first time, it is highly unlikely that you will walk through the door and be handed extra money to place bets with. But for those looking to enjoy online slots, real money free spins or bonus offers for new players are often up for grabs for those who sign up with a gambling site or app.

There are several major bonus types that have the potential to appeal to different online slots players. The most common type of bonus is the deposit bonus, where bettors receive a bonus that comes as a percentage of a player’s first deposit amount. Those bonus funds can then be used to play slots using the house’s money before using the amount that the player had initially deposited.

Another popular online slots bonus is the no deposit bonus, where online casinos give players a small amount of bonus funds without a first deposit being made. This type of offer lets bettors try a site before they have to deposit funds, which represents a nice value for those new customers.

There are several other online slots bonus types, such as free spins bonuses and loss rebate bonuses. No matter which type of online casino bonus a player utilizes, it is more beneficial than not having access to a bonus at all from a land-based casino.

When trying out the best online slots apps and sites listed below, players will see a wide variety of popular games up for grabs. Among those the most popular slots will be games that fall into each of the slot game categories listed below.

From old-school games to more modern titles that have a ton of moving parts, players should get to know each of the different game types out there so that they have an idea of how each game works before they start wagering their money on each of them.

Three-Reel Slot Games

Online slots that have three reels are reminiscent of the old-school slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos. These games have three reels that spin vertically, which often have anywhere from one to five paylines on which players can hope to form winning combinations. Three-reel slot games tend to be more basic than titles that have more reels, but some of these games do feature bonus rounds and other bells and whistles that come with today’s modern slot titles.

The one huge benefit about three-reel slot titles is the fact that it is often easier to keep track of where a player is putting together winning groups of symbols. Fewer paylines means fewer places to look for wins, which is great for newer slot players or experienced players who want a more straightforward gaming experience.

Five-Reel Slot Games

Some of the best online casino slots are more modern five-reel slots, which feature five vertically spinning reels as opposed to the aforementioned three reels. The big appeal of these games is the fact that there are more reels, which means more opportunities for the reels to show symbols that can combine to form wins. These games also often feature more paylines, thanks to there being more combinations along more reels.

Five-reel games also often feature the potential to play for higher stakes, as bettors can wager on more paylines at the same time. This gives players the chance to win bigger if the symbols on each reel turn out the way they need to.

It should be noted that those playing five-reel slots should be sure to read the rules of the game they are playing before they perform too many spins. With more payline combinations available, bettors should educate themselves on which portions of the screen can be used to form winning combinations to avoid any surprises when a game does or does not pay out on each spin.

Jackpot Slots

One of the most alluring components to online slots comes in games that offer jackpots to players. Some games offer traditional jackpots, which are a fixed amount for those lucky enough to win them. Others are progressive jackpot slots, which are jackpots that grow as bettors continue to wager into them. Either way, the potential for a jackpot payout is certainly capable of elevating any slot title in the eyes of its players.

When looking at jackpot slots, players will want to check the RTP percentages and volatility ratings very closely. The jackpot payouts are baked into the RTP percentages, meaning that non-jackpot winners could win less in these games to make up for the eventual jackpot payout. This is not meant to discourage players from taking on those titles, it is just something for players to be aware of.

Slots With Bonus Rounds

Whether or not a slot title has a jackpot attached to it, the presence of a bonus round or multiple bonus rounds can make a slot game more exciting for players. Bonus rounds are where game designers can get creative with their titles, as they are not confined to the traditional reel structure of typical online slot play. While some bonus rounds remain on the reels in the form of free spins, others can take players to space, the bottom the ocean, or anywhere in between with heavily animated features.

Along with the potential for visually appealing bonus rounds, the most important thing about bonus rounds at online slot games is the potential to earn big payouts. Many online slot bonus rounds offer payouts that are much larger than what are typically awarded during normal slot play. Those big wins can be the most memorable portions of any online slot session, in addition to being the most lucrative.

Best Online Slots Apps & Sites

In the world of online gambling slots players have a ton of sites to choose from to play their favorite games. Each of those apps and sites has their own positives, but only a select group of apps and sites can be considered among the best in the industry.

Here, we look at the best apps and sites that players can use to enjoy online slots, and provide you with some information on what makes each of these operators unique and worth a player’s time.

As a general rule, you should always read into specific terms and conditions (T&Cs) for each app or site listed as well as key wagering requirements so you can cash out with ease. Also be sure to look into promo code details so you can understand important bonus features.

DraftKings Casino

When it comes to the best casino online slots players can enjoy, DraftKings Casino is certainly on the short list.

What makes DraftKings one of the best online casinos is their design, which has helped make them popular in the world of sports betting and daily fantasy sports along with casino play. Their signature black, green, and orange design is great visually, especially on modern mobile displays where the colors really pop and allow the casino games to look even better.

FanDuel Casino

Some of the best online slots real money players can find are located at FanDuel Casino, which also comes from a brand that first achieved popularity in the US through sports betting and daily fantasy sports.

One of the best things about FanDuel Casino for slot players is their Daily Jackpots section, which shows players all of their active jackpot slot titles, with real-time updates on what the jackpots sit at for each game. This makes it easy for jackpot hunters to decide which games to play in their search for the biggest jackpots.

Caesars Casino

Those doing their slots gambling online are likely to enjoy the product that Caesars Casino has created. This online casino has a search function that lets players cut through the hundreds of slot titles that are on the site to find the games they want to play the most.

For players who want to try something new, this online casino puts a banner on the thumbnails of each of their new games, letting players know that those games are new to the site and might be something that players want to try.

BetMGM Casino

When looking for online slots real money players can enjoy, it’s hard to top the experience that BetMGM Casino has put together. This app and site has made it so easy to find the slot games that a player wants to get involved with, as they have sorted their games by which games are new, by which developer made them, and several other criteria. That lets players click through a series of small groups of games instead of having to scroll through a long list, making the online slot action at BetMGM incredibly convenient.

Borgata Casino

Borgata is one of the biggest names in the world of casino gambling, as their Atlantic City casino presence has earned them a ton of respect that they have carried into the online casino world.

Those who want a first class real money online slots experience should look no further than Borgata Casino, thanks in large part to their list of exclusive slot titles. This site has games like NBA Gold and Jets Deluxe that are unique to their site and provide an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

WynnBet Casino

Available in New Jersey and Michigan, WynnBet Casino offers some of the best online slots real money can spin. What really catches the eye in this casino’s slots section is their huge selection of pop culture themed slot games. Players can take on movie-themed games like Ted and Sausage Party, as well as TV series like Narcos. There are plenty of more traditional titles that can be played as well, as this slots site has a little something for everyone.

PlayStar Casino

What sets PlayStar Casino apart in the world of online slots is how aggressive their welcome bonus is. Along with the deposit bonus that they are offering new customers, bettors can enjoy a massive quantity of free spins when signing up for the site as well. The combination of those two things make this site one worth checking out, and that is before you get to their robust selection of online slots.

BetRivers Casino

Those looking for even more excitement from their real money online slots can find just that at BetRivers Casino. Along with a long list of slot titles to choose from, players at BetRivers can get involved with slot tournaments that are offered on a regular basis at this site. With those tournaments, players can earn bonuses in exchange for playing more slots than their competition, which can really spice up the already exciting world of online slots at one of the most reputable online casinos around.

Bally Casino

Another online casino that provides the opportunity to play casino slots online real money players will enjoy is Bally Casino. Bally is another Atlantic City fixture that has moved online, and bettors can wager on well over 100 slot titles using an interface that heavily features a red and white design that perfectly encapsulates the Bally brand. Their mobile app is especially easy to use, as players can simply turn their screen horizontally in order to get a perfectly scaled version of each slot game.

PokerStars Casino

More online casino slots real money customers can enjoy are located at PokerStars Casino, the online casino arm of one of the most legendary online gambling brands on the planet.

This app and site has a list of exclusive slot titles, such as Tomb of Ra Classic and Thunder Bear. There is also a nice selection of megaways slots, which open up all kinds of possibilities to win on each spin. And with slot races offering players the ability to win additional prizes when playing select slot titles, there are all kinds of ways to win big at this online casino.

Unibet Casino

Unibet is one of the most recognizable online gaming brands in the world, as they have been around since the 1990s, getting their start in Europe.

Today, Unibet Casino offers American slot players one of the best experiences in the slots world, especially with their jackpot slots section. Along with their hundreds of traditional slot titles, bettors can enjoy over 50 jackpot slot titles, which could mean big wins along with the variety that this section of the site provides.

Betway Casino

The last of our top apps and sites that offer online slots real money US customers can play is Betway Casino. Betway offers one of the bigger casino bonuses in the industry, allowing bettors the ability to use those bonus funds to play a ton of new and familiar games with twice as big a bankroll as they started with.

Along with that bonus, Betway also offers a jackpot slots section that features several games where bettors can win big at a casino site that first became popular in Europe before making its way to the United States.

Online Slots FAQ

What are the best online casinos for online slots?

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars are among the very best online casinos when it comes to their extensive selection of online slots.

Can you win real money with online slots?

Yes. Online slots let you wager with real money and emulate the experience you would have at a brick-and-mortar casino location.

What are the best online slots to win real money?

Some of the best online slots to win real money with include Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Bonanza.

What states can you legally play online slots in?

Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.