DraftKings Rocket: How to Play & Best Strategy 2024

The DraftKings Casino Rocket game is modeled after the incredibly popular online rocket game that debuted on other online casinos. With this game, players can place bets, watch the DraftKings rocket ship launch, and hope that it takes their winnings straight to the moon.

In this review of the DraftKings Rocket casino game, we will break down how this game works and offer up some important strategic tips.

What Is DraftKings Rocket?

The DraftKings Rocket game is a casino game where bettors place wagers on how far a rocket will go before it crashes. Each round of this game starts with a DraftKings rocket launch, with the DraftKings Rocket algorithm randomly determining when the crash takes place. The longer the rocket rises before crashing, the more that players stand to make, while more immediate crashes make it tougher to turn a profit.

This online casino game premise is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s especially easy for first-time casino players who aren’t necessarily as well-versed in other online gambling table games such as blackjack, poker, or roulette. Much like online slots, DraftKings Rocket is very easy for new users pick up and place wagers on.

While there are other rocket casino games on the market on other betting sites and apps, the DraftKings name gives it extra validity. With sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS) already under their belt, you can trust DraftKings as a top-tier casino site and app alongside the likes of BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel.

How to Play DraftKings Rocket

The gameplay behind DraftKings Rocket is not complicated. Bettors first determine how much real money they want to wager on each rocket launch and input the auto cashout amount that they wish to employ for that round. The maximum payout for each round is 1000x, meaning players can choose an amount under that number or just select the 1000x option to signify that players would prefer to cash out manually.

From there, the rocket is launched, with the win multiplier amount increasing the longer the rocket goes without crashing. From the time the rocket is launched to the time the rocket either crashes or hits the maximum 1000x threshold on the countdown, players can hit the “Bail” button to cash out the winnings on their bet based on the current multiplier amount. When bettors should cash out depends on how much they want to make from each round and how comfortable they are with the risk of a crash.

DraftKings Rocket Strategy

When it comes to the DraftKings Rocket game, strategy is everything to make sure that turning a profit is possible. Here, we look at a few components of DraftKings Rocket strategy that players should keep in the back of their minds before the next launch of the DraftKings rocket that they bet on using their first deposit bonus offer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bail

The first piece of strategy when playing this game might seem obvious to some: there is no need to be a hero when starting a new game. While hanging around and hoping that each rocket round is going to go up to 1000x for a max win, bettors should look to bail at times when more reasonable profits are secured before a crash wipes out any winnings.

Navigating the risk versus reward spectrum is the name of this game, and it is human nature to want to take risks before the crash comes. Instead of being left with regret surrounding waiting too long to bail, bettors should err on the side of caution while still seeking to make some money in this game.

Understand the Probability

The DraftKings Rocket odds are interesting, as there is a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 97% over a large sample size in this game. However, that percentage is dependent on the decisions that players make with regard to bailing out and their timing when doing so. Bettors need to understand that the probability of a 1000x payout is insanely rare.

Instead, players should focus on hunting down smaller cashouts using the bail button, which can add up over time at DraftKings Casino. This is a more sustainable strategic approach than just trying to ride the rocket to the moon every time.

Focus On Yourself

One of the things that make DraftKings Rocket so unique is that there is a communal element to the game that does not exist in most online casino offerings. Instead of playing against the house in a solitary environment, players can see what other players are doing in this game. That means players can see when other players are bailing, which can influence their decision-making.

However, bettors should make sure not to fall into the trap of paying attention to other players and their decisions. Instead, bettors should make a plan and stick to it when it comes to how much they bet and when they decide to bail on their rocket ship rides. This will ensure that decisions are being made with as much clarity as possible.

Bet Responsibly

The most important piece of DraftKings Rocket strategy is to always make sure to bet responsibly.

Bettors should only wager what they are comfortable with risking during each round of this rocket game. Additionally, bettors should not try and chase losses if they end up in a situation where they do not win early on. By always wagering responsibly, bettors will make sure that every game result remains fun, no matter what those results are.

DraftKings Rocket FAQ

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What is the DraftKings Rocket Return to Player (RTP)?

The RTP for this game is listed at 97%, meaning the theoretical DraftKings Rocket game odds suggest that players will receive 97% of the funds they wager back in winnings over the long run.

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How do you win DraftKings Rocket?

When it comes to how to win DraftKings Rocket, the goal is to ride the rocket ship until the win multiplier exceeds 1.00. At that point, players will receive a profit on their original wager amount and can choose to bail at any time before the rocket crashes.

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What states in DraftKings Rocket available in?

The DraftKings Rocket game is available in any of the states where DraftKings Casino is legal on desktop devices and the casino apps in those states. This means there is a DraftKings Rocket Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia players can enjoy.

What is the max win amount in DraftKings Rocket?

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What is the max win amount in DraftKings Rocket

The maximum win amount for this game is 1000x the original bet amount by each player. For that to happen, the rocket needs to go all the way up to the maximum 1000x threshold without crashing or without a player bailing.

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Is there a bonus available for DraftKings Rocket?

Yes, new customers at DraftKings Casino can take advantage of their current bonus when playing this game. DraftKings offers one of the stronger casino bonus codes in the industry right now, and its extra value for players can be used to look for blast-off in DraftKings Rocket.

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