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Brand New Online Casinos & Apps for US Players

There are countless online casino brands out there for players to choose from, including plenty of familiar names in the online wagering space. But there are only a handful of new online casinos USA customers can try out, which offer some benefits that simply cannot be replicated by their offline counterparts. Here, we look at the newest online casino apps and what players can expect when they try their hand at taking on some of these newer brands in the United States.

Best New Online Casino Apps

When it comes to evaluating new online casinos accepting USA players, there are a few key components that we look at. Things like their bonuses, game selection, and even how these relatively new sites function all go into deciding which online casinos are considered the best new online casino apps. Below, we have listed the top new online casino apps for players to use to play their favorite online casino games.

PlayStar Casino

Launched in 2022 in New Jersey, PlayStar Casino is one of the exciting new casino brands that has recently been added to the list of available online casinos out there. This site looks incredible visually and has the game selection to back up that initial appeal. Here, bettors can take on well over 100 slot titles, but the really impressive section of this site is a live dealer section that offers well over 20 different versions of live dealer action.

PlayStar also offers a very aggressive welcome bonus in the form of a deposit match that also comes with free spins. Those free spins are a nice added value, as players can also win money from those spins in addition to receiving the deposit bonus amount that they are entitled to. For players in New Jersey looking for a new online casino site to get involved with, PlayStar should definitely be on the list.

Bally Casino

Another quality new online casino site is Bally Casino, which launched in New Jersey in 2022 as well. This site not only offers a quality online casino experience, but it also offers the peace of mind to players that comes with the Bally brand name. Bally is one of the biggest name brands in the gambling industry, with their slot machines all over casinos across the world, and their brick-and-mortar casinos that are in notable locations such as Atlantic City.

This site has a huge array of game types to choose from, which is to be expected when dealing with a company as gambling-focused as Bally. They offer everything from traditional slots and table games to live dealer content and even games like bingo. Bettors can also take part in daily free games, which have the potential to provide a little added value for customers who keep coming back to Bally Casino in NJ.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is still one of the newer online casinos to launch in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as it was introduced to those states starting in 2021. Betway has an international reputation, thanks to its start in Europe, and is marketed heavily both with American sports teams and international sports teams. As far as their online casino experience is concerned, bettors will not regret getting involved with this new online casino.

One of the top draws when it comes to Betway Casino is the fact that they lay out the most popular casino games on their site in their own section. This makes it easy to find popular games like Starburst, Jumanji, and Cleopatra Plus without having to scroll endlessly. Of course, bettors are free to explore all of their available games at their leisure as well, in search of new favorite casino titles.

BetMGM Wheel of Fortune Casino

The BetMGM Wheel of Fortune Casino was launched in 2023 in the state of New Jersey and provides one of the most unique online casino experiences among both new and long-tenured casino sites. This online casino is focused around the popular Wheel of Fortune game show, as BetMGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment collaborated on this creative concept. As expected, there are plenty of Wheel of Fortune-themed slot titles to choose from, and they are front and center in this visually appealing app.

However, there are way more than just Wheel of Fortune slot games to enjoy when taking on this new online casino. Players can also wager on a wide range of other slot titles, including familiar favorites like 88 Fortunes and site-exclusive titles like Fruit Blaster. There are also table games available to satisfy those who want to change things up from the slots in this site’s exciting casino atmosphere.

New Online Casino Bonuses

When getting started at the brand new online casinos USA players have access to, bettors will come across several different types of bonuses. Different bonuses can appeal to different types of players, depending on factors such as what games each player prefers and what kind of stakes a player prefers to risk when playing. But the below casino bonus types are the more common forms of online casino bonuses that players will encounter when getting set up at any of the new casinos listed above.

Before taking advantage of any of these bonuses, bettors should be sure to read the terms and conditions at each site for each bonus. This will prevent any surprises that could render a player ineligible from claiming each offer. Some of the key components to look out for are wagering requirements, minimum deposit amounts, and how much time bettors have to clear their wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

There are plenty of new online casinos with no deposit bonuses, which may be the most popular type of online casino bonus out there. At brand new online casinos in the USA, no deposit bonus seekers can simply sign up for a new casino site and receive a small amount of bonus funds without needing to make a deposit. Those funds can then be wagered, with bettors able to keep their winnings or continue wagering them as they see fit.

The biggest benefit when it comes to new no deposit online casinos is the potential to win big with no immediate financial risk involved. Winning a big hand or a big spin when playing with your own money is exciting, but doing so with the house’s money is even better, given that there is no up-front risk.

Also, at new online casinos, USA real money no deposit offers allow bettors to try new games or simply develop a better understanding of a game they enjoy playing without having to worry about whether they win or lose. At a new casino site, the benefit of being able to figure out the lay of the land without having to make a deposit is valuable enough in its own right, but the potential to win money on top of that is even better.

Deposit Bonuses

For those looking for more than new USA online casinos with no deposit bonuses, there are many new casino sites that offer deposit bonuses instead. A deposit bonus gives players a predetermined percentage bonus amount on top of the amount that they deposit into an online casino site. Unlike a no deposit bonus, an initial deposit is required to use these offers, but the benefits are much bigger as well.

Instead of the small no deposit bonus amounts that many sites offer, this type of bonus can often carry large maximum bonus amounts. That means more money in a player’s account, which means more chances to play their favorite casino games and potentially win big. For those who prefer higher-stakes casino gaming action, this type of bonus is often the best option available.

Loss Rebate Bonuses

One of the more interesting bonus types offered at new online casinos in the USA for real money can use is the loss rebate bonus. With this bonus, players will be told an amount that their losses will be reimbursed up to when claiming their offer. Players can then play their favorite casino games, keeping their winnings if they do win or being reimbursed their net loss amount up to that set threshold. While this type of offer does not add funds to a player’s account beyond what they have deposited, it does provide a safety net over the initial period of time when a player gets started at a new casino site.

From a strategy standpoint, these bonuses are interesting, as there are a few different ways that players can go. On one hand, they can stick to their favorite casino games, knowing they will be reimbursed if things do not go their way. On the other hand, players can try new games and experiences, knowing that they will get a second chance if they do not win. Either way, there is plenty of peace of mind to be had.

Free Spins Bonuses

The last common bonus type that players often find at new online casinos is the free spins bonus. As one might expect from its name, this is a type of bonus where players receive free spins as a part of their sign-up bonus when getting involved with a new casino site. Players can then use those free spins either at the games of their choice or at pre-designated games, depending on the terms and conditions of the free spins offer.

With free spins bonuses, there are two typical ways in which the offer is applied. The first way is as a standalone offer, where bettors simply receive free spins as their entire bonus and can use them per the terms of the free spins bonus. The more common application of a free spins bonus is to add free spins on top of a deposit bonus or a similar promotion, with the free spins serving as an added value piece alongside the main bonus.

How to Sign Up For a New Online Casino

Signing up for a new online casino is not overly difficult, as there are only a few steps to register for an account and take advantage of any bonuses that the newest online casino sites have to offer. To sign up for most online casino sites, bettors can follow the short list of steps below. However, it should be noted that not every online casino site is the same, and there could be some slight variations in the registration process from one site to the next.

  1. Click the links on this page to go to our exclusive offer pages for any new casino you wish to use.
  2. Once at the casino of your choice, click the Sign-Up or Register button to begin the registration process.
  3. The casino will ask you to fill in your personal information, such as your name, address, and other key info.
  4. Once your registration is finalized, make your first deposit using any necessary promo codes to get your bonus.

Benefits of Using Brand New Online Casinos

There are benefits involved whenever using an online casino that is new to you, as those sites typically come with welcome bonuses and games that you have never interacted with before. But it is especially beneficial to get started with newly launched online casinos, including those that we have ranked among the best new online casinos above. Continue reading to find out what some of those key benefits are, so you can look for them yourself when starting your journey with several of these online casino sites.

Latest Software

Perhaps the biggest benefit to using new online casinos is the fact that they tend to run on newer software than their more experienced counterparts. In the same way that the foundation on a new house is newer than the foundation on a house that was built 100 years ago, the technology on which a new online casino is built is newer than the technology used to create an older online casino site.

You may be asking why it matters that a new online casino runs on the latest software, and there are a few main reasons. One such reason is that new software means that their app or website may run faster or more smoothly on modern computers and mobile devices. Additionally, the casino and its games might just look better on those displays thanks to advancements in graphic technology that has come with advancements in casino software.


Another huge benefit to using the new online casinos real money customers can play with is the often generous bonuses that are up for grabs at those sites. From a business perspective, the logic behind this is simple, in that bigger bonuses can mean more value for players. That added value can entice some players to do their casino gaming with a new operator rather than with the ones they had been using, or at least to split their casino play among new and older casino sites.

Of course, bonuses are just a way to grab the attention of new players, with the key being whether or not an online casino can maintain that attention after the promotional period from their bonus is done. That is where things like software and game quality come into play, which is often better at newer casinos than they are at older sites. While some of that is subjective, bigger bonuses and newer software rarely hurt a casino site in the eyes of its players.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps continue to get more and more complex in any industry, and online casino gaming is certainly no exception. Newer online casinos tend to offer mobile apps that have been designed more recently than their more tenured counterparts in the industry. That means the ability to take advantage of some of the new app development technology that is out there in a way that most older casino sites can’t do without completely redesigning their product.

There is, of course, a trade-off associated with launching a new casino mobile app. That is the fact that there has not been as much time for the casino to garner positive reviews and a positive reputation overall. But new customers can help shape that reputation by giving their honest feedback on each mobile app through app reviews on marketplaces like the App Store and Google Play.

New Online Casinos By State

Different states offer different online casino sites, as each casino has to be licensed in each state where it operates. That means the potential for new casinos to be in some states and not others and for some casinos that have been around for a while to pop up in new states as time goes on. Here, we will look at the new casino landscape for each of the big four online casino states, as things can be a little different in each of them.

New NJ Online Casinos

New Jersey has been the state that has seen the most new online casinos launch over the course of 2022 and 2023, with entities like Bally Casino, Wheel of Fortune Casino, and PlayStar Casino all entering the mix in the Garden State. This state even saw Tropicana relaunch its casino product in 2023 after a redesign under the Caesars umbrella. There is the potential for even more sites to join the fray in New Jersey online casinos in the near future, giving players the potential to enjoy even more options when doing their online casino gaming.

New PA Online Casinos

Pennsylvania is in an interesting place when it comes to new online casinos, as the newest online casinos PA has to offer could be changing in 2024. Sites like PlayStar are anticipating launching in the Keystone State in the near future, which would increase the number of credible casino brands that are up and running there.

Stay tuned for more details on new platforms in the Pennsylvania online casinos market.

New MI Online Casinos

There was a wave of new Michigan online casinos in January of 2021 when online sports betting and online casino gaming became legal in the state. Among those casinos that launched during that time were respected operators like BetMGM, BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings, and many more. The question now is whether any additional online casino brands will become a part of the mix in Michigan.

The online casino legislation in Michigan specified that a maximum of 15 online casino brands could operate in the state. So far, there are 14 of them, with the question being whether the 15th will come soon and who it will be.

New WV Online Casinos

West Virginia online casinos have become one of the hidden gems of the online betting world in the United States, as the small state has compiled a large list of sportsbook and online casino options. From an online casino perspective, brands like BetRivers and Caesars became the newest brands to launch in the state when their casinos went live in 2021.

However, we could see WynnBet Casino expand into West Virginia in the near future, as they have secured a market access agreement there. That leaves the question of when WynnBet will launch and whether players in West Virginia will see similar bonuses that players do in their current states of New Jersey and Michigan.


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What is the best new online casino for 2023?

Any of the new online casinos listed above can be justified as a selection as the best new online casino for 2023. All of those casinos have quality gaming platforms with plenty of games to choose from, along with welcome bonuses that make it worth a player’s time to sign up.

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What do new online casinos offer that is different from regular online casinos?

New online casinos have the potential to offer plenty of different things that longer-tenured sites cannot. Things like fresher technology, more generous bonuses, and mobile apps better tailored toward modern mobile devices are some of the major benefits.

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How often do new online casinos launch in the US?

The regularity with which new online casinos launch in the United States depends on changes to state laws, among other factors. But some states like New Jersey offer new casino sites every year or two, including some where players can utilize a new online casino no deposit bonus.

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